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Pottery Barn is an American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company, with retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Pottery Barn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Pottery Barn also operates several specialty stores such as Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen. It has three retail catalogues: the traditional Pottery Barn catalogue; Pottery Barn Bed + Bath to focus on its bed and bath lines; and one for outdoor fPottery Barn is an American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company, with retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Pottery Barn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

A very angry customer said this in a review "I bought a sofa on October 12, 2019 from Pottery Barn and still waiting to hear back from customer service and or have a complete sofa. The sofa was delivered in December, the right hand sectional part was not completely sown together and the arm of the sofa was incomplete. The corner piece bottom cushion was sewn incorrectly and is pleated which it should not be. The back cushions are also not sewn correctly and have no shape and are pleated. Considering we went with the sunbrella fabric and top quality I would have expected the sofa to be at least sown correctly or at least completed."


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Former Employee - Designer says

"Poor training for management leaving you to do their job if you have the experience. There seems to be some shady stuff regarding my insurance and pay stubs. I am still dealing with their accidental or intentional mistakes. I also lost an opportunity to be a part-time leader at a job I love and still work part-time due to being told I would work a certain number of hours and a certain schedule, that never happened. I declined the other role because I felt I didn't have the time, due to constant payroll problems, I did have the time. I know retail changes, but they were not honest about hours or schedule."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"poor management lack of training expensive merchandise for employee even with a discount"

Former Employee - Creative says

"Management is a pack of dogs and employees are insignificant food for them to claw at. Work life balance is non existence. So much bullying and backstabbing you won’t know where to turn. Low pay long hours thankless job that’ll leave you in therapy. Do not work for any WSI brand."

Assistant Site Manager says

"- Known toxic environment, upper management perpetuates it and has no intention of fixing - Cliques are spearheaded by upper management, you’re either in or your out, if your out you’ll eventually be pushed out of the company - NO diversity, mainly cis upper middle class blonde women - people who speak out about the environment or how they are being treated tend to end up on probation, eventually either leaving the company or are fired, being sited for things such as not smiling enough in meetings - Always hiring because people are always quitting, new roles are rarely ever created, someone will eventually quit and that’s how you move up, you stay long enough you’ll run the place, whether your capable or not - the work is not hard but never ending, most of the time your fixing your bosses mistakes or doing work someone else didn’t want to do - pay is not competitive no matter what they tell you - Company is majority women but the men there are highly protected and get away with sexual harassment, emotional manipulation, angry outbursts"

Former Employee - Corporate Office Staff - Don't Want to BE Too Specific says

"Low compensation rates, lack of hours, and growth potential"

Current Employee - ECommerce Product Manager says

"There are so many more cons that I want to list out to make sure you as the reader is aware of what the inside of this company looks like. Try to stray away from working here at corporate, I would suggest you’re better off starting or continuing your career somewhere else. • the corporate workplace is toxic - people work while keeping an eye open to see what’s going on around their surroundings. It’s hard to know who you can trust • everyone gossips, people form cliques • the benefits are not great. Paid time off is really low (2 weeks for the year and goes up after several years) and 401k is a joke • the processes are forever changing and it’s hard to know what to follow ever • top management is what dictates what’s happening and that hurts the rest of the employees because everyone else’s ideas aren’t good enough • each small thing needs to get approved by the SVP, which is ridiculous • the CEO Laura is constantly watching all of the brands. People in the building know she’s very cut throat and will make everyone spin if she doesn’t like a new product or something in stores or online. • like other reviews shared, if you want to get promoted you have to be well liked and “fit” the culture by the standards of important people in the building, but it’s more important to be well liked than to be good at your job • diversity in race is seriously lacking, there are hardly POC • the systems and processes are old and antiquated. The company is in need of serious updates in the building • the work on multiple teams in super manual and time consuming, which is part of the reason (along with other reasons) turnover is so high • turnover is high • not enough room to move around. The company should take advantage of being able to work with multiple brands to help move employees but they usually don’t • even through we’re a home furnishing company, the interior of the Ice House buildings is far from welcoming and inviting • we hardly ever hear from our CEO unless she’s slashing new product ideas or giving orders to another team"

Current Employee - Design Studio Specialist says

"Everything else literally everything else. Don’t work here unless your a stay at home mom or collecting retirement."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I received no training, I barely get any hours, associates constantly gossip and are rude and competitive."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"SPH expectation creates a negative environment. Pay is low, insurance is not great. Payroll cuts happen on a regular basis. Company is not people first as they claim, it's investors first. I would never recommend PB to someone I know as an employer. Associates in the store have to spend way to much time on customer service issues that they have no control of. The customer service department is incompetent and delivery problems are far too frequent."

Former Employee - Remote Agent says

"There was 2 weeks of remote training, we had to purchase our own equipment, no stipend for wifi or headset, etc. The stores will tell customers one thing, the bank tells them another and the customer service reps will say something completely different. There is literally no support, no one helps with escalated calls, which is about 95% of the calls. After working for them for over a year, I can honestly say that I will NEVER purchase anything from Potter Barn or West Elm, there is no follow through if things go wrong, as they invariably do with this company, the quality of the furniture is horrid, things are not packaged properly and get damaged, the list goes on and on. The pay is ridiculously low, after one year received a .19 cent raise! Long time employees are leaving in droves and the company does not care at all."

Associate Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst. It took them weeks to work out my health insurance. Like how hard can it be for a billion dollar company to get my health insurance benefits working so I could go to the doctor. No one cares."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"When I was there management was horrible and highly unprofessional. I got verbally, emotionally, and mentally abused there. The managers would talk badly about their employees and berate them, they would also talk badly about each other and it was such an angry environment. They would get upset over every single thing. With the exception of one manager who was fair and great and level headed. The turnover rate was incredibly high and I was only there for a few months and 7 people left during my time there. That's right, 7!!! I should have taken that as a sign to leave. Their system works in a way where if you sell more, then you are given more hours and this breeds jealousy as is taught in business school. The people I worked with were great until they started talking stabbing you in the back thanks to the managers who spoke badly about their employees to other employees. All of these problems start at corporate, because when disease attacks the root of a tree, at some point it will reach the leaves. My friend got an interview at west elm (because it's part of the williams sonoma brand) and I told her to stay FAR, FAR away. When she got to the interview she could then see what I was talking about. These problems also occur when people turn a blind eye to abuse. I don't see williams sonoma lasting very long in this world. People may like the product but that helps to soothe over what happens behind the doors. And the company idn't going to las if it's an absolutely horrid place to work at. This was the worst job I had ever had in my life. If I could give this whole experience"

SALES (Former Employee) says

"Disconnnected & poor managers, district and corporate included. Lacking skills to identify true opportunities within individuals and team. Team value and happiness out the window replaced by sacchrine laced doctrines of "success". Solutions offered are empty rhetoric and ineffective strategies."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"he has no idea what he is doing and just makes everything harder. as an employee i purposely ignored his orders because i knew they werent beneficial for the store"

Sales Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"The key to good customer service is a friendly approach, understanding and acknowledgement of the clients needs, and following up to make sure they are happy and satisfied.20% employee discountPoor Management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers are Rude, unprofessional and just plain on disrespectful. The store is new so they are trying to figure things out just like all the other employees. The managers click up and if you go to complain about one of the managers they basically tell you that you’re lying I would NOT RECOMMEND this job to anyone. They tried to belittle me in front of the other employees that place is just unprofessional all"

Sales Associate & In Home Designer (Former Employee) says

"no raise and no benefits like promised. managment is a mess. they genuinely dont care about customers and or if orders are wrong. always having a different "SALE" which does nothing but create busy work. literally no incentive to work hard."

Work-From-Home Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"1. CUSTOMER WANTS TO CANCEL ORDER/ITEM: - Once an order goes into the "In Fulfillment" status, we are instructed to tell customers that it can not be cancelled. Orders go into the "In Fullfillment" status almost instantly once placed. So whether a customer has placed the order 5 minutes ago, or within 24 hours. 2. PRICE ADJUSTMENTS: - This company always has some kind of sale or promotion going on. Many calls from customers are requests for price adjustments. However, this company does not honor ANY kind of price adjustment. It does not matter whether the customer ordered the item 5 minutes ago, and the item just went on sale for 75% off within that 5 minutes. 3. SHIPPING | PERSONALIZATION ISSUES: - I have received several calls about orders arriving with items missing from their package, or receiving someone elses order. Most commonly, customers receive their personalized items that have one or more of the following: wrong name, wrong thread color, upside down, uneven, incorrect spelling, wrong font. 4. BACK ORDER | OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: - Websites will let you place orders online when the item is not even available...either out of stock, back ordered, or discontinued. Customers are not notified that their items are in this status. 5. PROMOTION CODES: - My least favorite customer call in, is promotion codes not working at check out. Usually, it is because the item is apart of the exclusions, but the website does not make that clear to the customer. The websites are VERY misleading. Customers receive promotion codes sent to their emails that show up 'invalid' at checkoutWork-From-HomeEverything!"

Shipping/Receiving Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company may be a good company but the store I worked in at Green hills is a horrible place to work. Always working shorthanded to keep pay roll down. Management always hard on the employees.Store discountHostile work environment"

Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work at a place where adults act like they’re in High school, constantly gossip about each other and lack integrity and respect for their fellow co-workers go right ahead and apply. Managers commit retaliatory actions if they don’t like you for some reason. If you’re a guy expect to treated like garbage and told to deal with it.NoneA toxic work environment"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The new very young manager said I. No uncertain terms that I could not receive further dedicated training - even if I did it not on my shift . Made my life unbearable. Made rude , condescending remarks in front of employees and customers . Such as “Do you even own a computer ?” Breaks non existent unless over 6 or 7 . Demanding, made employees do manual labor on ladders such as painting ,patching holes , steaming draperies with boiling hot steam while open and where children were. Was told it had to be done during store open hours bc no more hours could be spared due to budget . While having to do these dangerous duties were still expected to wait on customers and shield the hot steamer and the outlet was in the center of the show room causing danger to customers. A no win situation. No amount of my asking for additional training was entertained . I was told to look at sales material (not the register ) in between customers which is. Virtually impossible. Many employees resigned.Children and parents were friendlyNo communication by manager, unprofessional"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Yes, for a college student working at the outlets it's a job, but the management and job all in one suck! It was the most boring job I have ever had and there was no room for improvement."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Working at Pottery Barn Outlet is the worst place to even consider. The work hours are outrageous, you get less hours, its competitive, and the pay sucks."

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"They will take full advantage of you. Management is poor and doesn't acknowledge good work. Poor pay. No room for advancement, unless you're friends with management.noneeverything"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"The company is severely lacking corporate leadership. At one point I can say the company was great. When the founder of the company passed, everything went down hill. Don't waste your time here. It's a dead end."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I've ever worked for. The job is very physical and demanding, yet upper management act like they have no idea. Maybe they should get off their high horse and work in their stores for a week, maybe then they'd treat their associates with care and pay them properly for all their hard work and laboring. I would never recommend this job to anyone, not even my worst enemy.The discount, if you have money to shopPretty much everything: lots of gossip, no support from upper management, no communication, no training, lots of bullying. I do not recommend any brand under Williams Sonoma Inc. to anyone"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"I didn't enjoy a single second of working there. The managers were constantly incompetent (except for one.) The average worker was definitely overworked and underpaid and the customers were terrible."

Replenishment Clerk/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I was not that big on The Pottery Barn. They changed your hours around and never gave you time for you. I would not recommend Pottery Barn to anyone ever."


"loved working here. great environment. would recommend to anyone looking for part time work. excellent discount on all Williams Sonoma brands. management was excellent"

Stock Clerk (Former Employee) says

"assisted customersManagement was goodCo-workers were enjoyable"

KMS says

"On two occasions I have placed large orders for furniture. On both occasions I was on the phone for hours trying to find out the status of my overdue order and get an update. No one takes responsibility and the excuse is that is under a different department and they will get back to you. The person you talk to acts like they will help but, oh don\'t be fooled because you will never get your items or get information. It took six months for the delivery of my family room furniture and the same for bedroom. Every month they placed a hold on the balance of the order with no intention of producing the order. I have found furniture stores that are not in my town but worth the drive not to have to deal with PB. "

Scott says

"I will officially never buy from potter barn again. And I will advise all my friends to do the same. I purchased a Tyler square arm recliner 3 years ago. After spending almost $1,300 on a chair it broke after 2 and a half years. I reached out to potter barn about a replacement and due to the time frame they could do nothing. I feel that a chair at this price point should not fail after such a short time but I accept this answer as it had been several years. I then contacted a furniture repair company to fix at my own expense. But, they could not fix because they had no access to the clips that were on the chair springs. I then contacted pottery barn for the clips and have yet to receive a response. So, I now have a 3 year old $1,300 chair that I will have to throw away. Thanks pottery barn!! NEVER AGAIN!"

Michelle Deeves says

"I purchased the custom Turner Square arm grand leather sofa on September 4, 2020 and Reed Buffet on October 4,2020. Received an email end of December 2020 saying both items were ready to deliver to my location in Georgia. All items are paid for in full. I Scheduled my delivery date for January 8, 2021 received email confirmations and iPhone texts tracking my orders and their delivery for January 8,2021 and one hour prior to the delivery, the delivery driver called me and told me both of my items were not on the truck. The warehouse and pottery barn only Issued replacements because they could not find either item “custom” sofa or buffet and now my “custom” sofa will not be ready for shipment until after March 20-April 5th 2021. The buffet will not be available until February 4th. Neither pottery barn representatives nor warehouse supervisors have been concerned or willing to assist me in getting my items delivered sooner to make up for their error. That is how they prioritized and valued my customer patronage. I would not recommend large item / furniture purchases at pottery barn at this time based on my present experience."

Jennifer says

"Ordered sofa early October that was made to order. They did not make the ottoman with the sofa together so I was given two diff ship dates. (sofa costs $4k and ottoman is $600) I told them when the sofa hit their DC in mid December to not hold up the more expensive piece for the ottoman. I am told every week when I call it will be delivered the next week and to wait for a call ..but it never comes. I am past 4 months now and can't get this resolved. I am a loyal customer but they need to be honest on their website about wait times and they need to get a real customer service team not people in their homes."

Mimi says

"January 12, 2021 The ongoing, unending Pottery Barn saga….. 1. December 4- an order was placed online for a king duvet cover & two king shams- I received an anticipated arrival date. I kept watching tracking information and that date came and went, and the status never even showed as preparing to ship. Many unreturned requests for information finally resulted in receiving the duvet cover, with ONE king sham placed on backorder. I located one other king sham & ordered directly from a store in Dallas, paying shipping costs. The duvet cover ordered online arrived, and the single sham arrived from the Dallas location, so I had acquired an incomplete set, with the second sham set to arrive in MAY. (Picture 1) 2. In trying to have a somewhat complete set, I decided to order 3 Euro shams and go with that until the second king sham arrived (if and when). Once again, silly me, I placed another online order. Here we go again. I received an arrival date of January 6-8, but the status kept showing as backordered. The date came and went, so of course, no Euro shams. And information from customer service is practically nonexistent. I am aware that supply has greatly decreased, but I located 3 EURO shams in Winter Park, Florida and ordered those directly. Again, at an increased price, plus payment for shipping. 3. The shams arrived by UPS on January 11. I was hopeful that I could make this work into a decent look. Imagine my surprise when all 3 shams are beautifully tied and labeled EURO (Picture 2), but in fact only 2 are EURO and 1 is KING (Picture 3)- what I needed in the first place! I also now have a EURO pillow that I no longer need, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to make the look come together. All this time, communication with customer service has been less than satisfactory. At this point I’m not prepared to spend any more money, especially with Pottery Barn. The problems don’t seem to be isolated to one area or department. It’s kind of a joke really that things continue to go wrong with this order. However, I do love the color and the fabric "

Anne Hart says

"The worst experience I have ever had. I ordered 5 Christmas stockings that took several emails and phone calls to process. I have unanswered emails from November 23rd, December 18th and January 4th. They have over charged my credit card and one of the stockings is still not monogrammed properly. Will never order from Pottery Barn again."

Joyce says

"I ordered a beautiful Christmas Wreath the Day after Thanksgiving 11/29/2020. It said it would be delivered 12/21/2020. I accepted that knowing I would only have it for a few days of my Christmas season. Went on to track it because it went past the date then it stated delivery would be Jan 15th. I called customer service and asked them to cancel my order and she stated to me, it could not be cancelled because it was in the “Fulfillment Center “. I said what does that mean? I ordered 11/29 three weeks ago, and now the date for delivery is middle of January. How long does it take to Fulfill? She said I can return once I receive it. Really?! My daughter said “oh,Mom. You might love it when you see it and, something to look forward to for next Christmas.” I said we shall see. Only if I love it!! Wasn’t a cheap wreath. Expensive on sale for $159.00. Just looked again the other day, now pushed out to Feb 3rd. What is going on here. Are they going out of business and taking our money? I am so not happy and still in Fulfillment Center!!! I always believed that Pottery Barn was a stand up company. Not anymore. I am echoing everyone else , I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing. Unhappy, Joyce in Massachusetts"

AmericanWoman says

"Here we are... 4 months and still no bed. Wish I had seen these reviews first. Pottery Barn used to be a respectable company. Who would expect they are a sham. I'm wondering now if there is some way we can get legal representation to get our products and shut this company down."

Krista Kenney says

"Their customer service is awful!! I ordered the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw mug for my boyfriend and I for Christmas. I placed the order 10/25, the Ravenclaw mug arrived a month later broken because it was poorly packaged. I emailed customer service and they said a replacement would be shipped out shortly. I was patient, but still today, 1/9 I had not received my replacement mug. I reached out to customer service again to inquire about the status of the replacement mug and they informed me it was sold out and that I can either get a refund or replace it with another mug up to $3 more. Well, thanks for that offer, but no. Why wasn’t I contacted that I’d never be receiving my replacement order as I was informed I would? Truly horrible customer service. Makes me feel like they’ll take my money but then never deliver the goods. I don’t care how cute their stuff is, I will never be purchasing anything else from this company if this is how they run their customer service!!!!!"

Dee says

"I too am done with Pottery Barn empty promises for furniture delivery dates. A four month wait time for a sofa delivery is crazy. They tell you one thing at the time of purchase knowing that it’s a lie and then just keep adding 4-6 weeks more to the original delivery date. Pottery Barn use to be a good company to purchase from. They must have been sold to some Foreign group who does not value good customer service. I will never step foot into their store again, or any store connected with them. This is not the first recent issue I’ve had with them. They are known for baiting and switching with the online discount codes that they offer. Once you checking out all of a sudden the code doesn’t apply even though they placed the code right under the item online. Their shipping cost is outrageously high even for one small item. Go somewhere else that values you as a customer!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Stevi Hanson says

"I gleefully spent 8,000 dollars on a pottery barn patio furniture set with sectional, side chairs, and coffee table. I ordered it in September 2020. Given stay at home orders we were investing in making our outdoor space more livable. It is now January 2021 and the frame for the sectional sofa has been promised to me EVERY month, then subsequently-promised for the following month. I paid for this set in full and not having the main component makes the set useless. Customer Service repeatedly tells me that they are making it a priority and that It will go out asap...... it never happens. I feel helpless and ignored. I will not buy from them again."

Nora Jones Lee says

"I ordered a shower curtain several months ago. I didn't get it within a week so I checked and found out it wouldn't be delivered until end of December which was a couple of months away. They said they couldn't cancel it because it was coming from another place?? I would have to wait until it arrived and return it. So with Christmas I was a little over the 30 day mark and they won't let me return it. No discussion...nothing..I will NEVER order from them again."

Sharon says

"I have emailed and called concerning returning a bath mat that split after 3 months of use. When I got someone on the phone, they refused to help, stating that my email would be answered sometime in the future. I sent the email over a week ago. I've been a loyal Pottery Barn customer until now but will certainly look elsewhere before buying again."

Lockwood says

"I wish I read these reviews prior to making my purchase. We spent $4,000 on a couch partially based on the date it will be delivered by. Weeks have passed by since the latest delivery date, with no heads-up, zero communication. I have contacted customer service and have yet to receive an answer as to the location of the couch and a new delivery date."

Tammy says

"I will never buy online with potterbarnkids or potterybarn!! I used a code for a discount on a item. I did not read that it was a final purchase and somewhere it says no refund using discount code!! So, my mistake ordering this item. Call customer service and spoke to a caring person. I told him I made a mistake and bought a no refundable item.He said no worry it happens. I returned the unopened boxes. My ttl was 201.98 with shipping/tax. I received a credit of 148.01 less my discount 70.00). So, since I used a discount code I do not get that refunded! Seriously! A discount code??? So, Im out 53.00!! Better then 201.00! I will NEVER buy PBK again!!"

Jackie McDaniel says

"We ordered a toddler bed, trundle and dresser in October 2020. We need the furniture for a toddler who is giving up her crib to her new baby brother. The baby is now here but the furniture is not. We are now being told February 2021. The timeframe has been pushed back four times. Very frustrated!"

Mike says

"Ordered a vanity with white glove delivery 4 months ago. First one showed up destroyed. We refused delivery. Waited another six weeks for a replacement... they attempted to deliver the same broken vanity. Refused delivery again. Pottery Barn committed to having sufficient personnel come to bring the vanity upstairs in our house to the bathroom in which it will be installed. Showed up today for the third attempt. Would not show us the vanity and flatly refused to bring it inside. They then drove off hastily. If it doesn't get successfully delivered this week, we'll be shopping elsewhere."

Marc Lapointe says

"Great customer service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11ordered two of the reclining camping chair and received two tiny children's camp chairs that do not recline. I received a receipt for my purchase which also stated I'd ordered a reclining chair. The company advertises that they're based in the US and ship from California but that is not true the products did not match the product description at all. It's a child-size chair and very low quality. I was trying to return this garbage back managed to get a return label& Refund i went on the internet I tried to contact customer service. I was searching for the number and I found this number plus one- three one-two four eight eight one zero nine six- called when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that I can return nasty back and initiated my money to me, at first I thought whether they will really help me or it’s a scam but after I confirmed with my bank I was relaxed was very helpful and sorted my issue!"

Debbi Langley says

"I had the most helpful and pleasant experience with company ordered two of the reclining camping chair and received two tiny children's camp chairs that do not recline. I received a receipt for my purchase which also stated I'd ordered a reclining chair. The company advertises that they're based in the US and ship from California but that is not true the products did not match the product description at all. It's a child-size chair and very low quality. I was trying to return this garbage back managed to get a return label& Refund i went on the internet I tried to contact customer service. I was searching for the number and I found this number plus one- three one-2 four eight eight one zero nine six- icalled when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that I can return nasty back and initiated my money to me, at first I thought whether they will really help me or it’s a scam but after I confirmed with my bank I was relaxed customer understand, trustworthy and reliable customer"

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